An interview with our curator for the Tribune

One of the curators of our exhibition Dijana Vucinic talked to Owen Hatherley from the Tribune about “Skirting the Center”. In this interview, she presented Kana and her work to its readers and the world.

“Yugoslavian post-war modernisation was certainly a great chance for architects. The entire country had been in a constant rebuilding process, and on a level that the majority of countries that succeeded Yugoslavia have never achieved again. As a practicing architect, I am very interested to see how architects and their work surpasses the transition process at various levels.


Being very aware, in every part of her career, of the environment she worked in, Kana was always able not only to adapt to, but also to understand and interpret the circumstances that define architecture and public space. The way she chose the tools and defined the ambiance in her work placed her on a much higher, international level, even though she was building and creating locally. She chose to base her practice in Montenegro as she had greater creative freedom here to build outside the constraints of an architectural culture driven by the real estate market.”

Dijana Vucinic for Tibune

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