The Kana exhibition in Podgorica sparks a lot of interest with the local audience

The exhibition “Svetlana Kana Radević: On the Periphery of Postwar Architecture” sparked a lot of interest among various types of audience in Kana’s hometown – Podgorica. The series of projects, drawings, awards, personal correspondence, newspaper articles, photographs and much more travelled all the way from Venice, where it was one of the collateral events at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, to Montenegro, and was showcased at the Modern Gallery of the Museums and Galleries of Podgorica from 19 December 2021 to 31 March 2022.

The exhibition visitors included audience of all ages – from the youngest ones such as elementary school pupils to high schoolers, university students, architecture graduates, architects and other professionals, artists, officials, international community representatives, and others from all around Montenegro.

Some of the photographs depicting this high interest in Kana’s mesmerising life and work are shown below.