Dijana Vučinić


Katarina Milačić

Marketing and Communications Manager

Ana Dobrašinović

Curatorial Associate

Marija Raspopović

Marketing and Communications Associate

Luka Bošković

graphic designer

About the organizers

APSS Institute was founded in Montenegro in 2012, and is a platform for architectural research and education with a focus on architectural heritage, changes in post-war Yugoslav cities and the consequences of urban transition. APSS originated from the KotorAPSS Summer School through the project of revitalization of the mass abandoned building of the Austrian prison in Kotor, which was followed by the development of the projects for other unused and abandoned spaces such as Hotel Fjord, Dom Revolucije and Ulcinj Saline. Additionally, APSS is a long-standing international architectural program with a focus on non-formal education, the only one of that profile and size in this part of Europe. During the first four years since its establishment, the focus of the School and Institute was the RE-USE approach, and many research projects arose from this topic resulting in a large number of workshops, symposia and debates, including the Montenegrin pavilion at the XIV Venice Biennale of Architecture with Treasures in Disguise, Project Solana - exhibition from RE-USE Symposium and DEBATE in Kotor in the Montenegrin pavilion at the XV Venice Biennale, and others.

Currently, APSS Institute is working on an urban study on Podgorica, Tirana and Skopje as part of the study for the Biennale Manifesto: Manifesto 14 Pristina.

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Strategist is a marketing and communication practice. In its work, Strategist focuses on supporting companies and individuals in building their positive reputation, sustainable relationships with the communities in which they operate, and the creation of adequate strategies for socially responsible behavior. By using its knowledge and expertise in communication and marketing, the company aims at achieving its vision to support creating a corporate culture in Montenegro in which companies – whether big or small – will use their influence and competences to support the society they live in and improve the environment they operate in. Strategist cooperates with a large number of companies in the country, and takes part in several international projects.

Currently, Strategist is working to promote net positive business in Montenegro and the principles of green economy.

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