Dijana Vučinić


Anna Kats


Katarina Milačić

Marketing and Communications Manager

Ana Dobrašinović

Curatorial Associate

Marija Raspopović

Marketing and Communications Associate

Luka Bošković

graphic designer

About the organizers

APSS Institute is a non-profit organization founded in Montenegro that serves as a platform for architecture and design thinking and development. With its summer program APSS has established the small Montenegrin town of Kotor as an international hotspot for architectural thinking, and advanced the debate on decaying places of the recent past as well as their possible futures. APSS focuses on several conditions, including the shift in post-war cities of Yugoslavia and urban conditions under transition in coastal cities in Montenegro. It seeks to redefine the approach to urban planning and design in the region and improve architectural education in Montenegro. Over the years it has carried out many programs including workshops, symposia, and debates.

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Strategist is a marketing and communication practice with a straight forward strategic approach. Strategist makes sure businesses and projects are rightly communicated both towards the employees, as well as all sorts of external audiences using both online and offline communication channels. The company helps businesses deal with various crises, challenges and changes, and support them on building sustainable relationships and a responsible business. By using its knowledge and expertise in communication and marketing, the company aims at achieving its vision to support creating a corporate culture in Montenegro in which companies – whether big or small – will use their influence and competences to support the society they live in thus aiding their clients and customers and – at the end – improving the environment they operate in.

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